Kate Philbin

Author, Journalist, Copywriter

Kate Philbin is an author of books for children and young people. Her debut novel The Wolf-Slayer’s Daughter is a YA fairytale-inspired fantasy that tells the story of Red Riding Hood’s teenage daughter, Lana.

As Lana races to rescue her mother from the terrifying Wolvari, she wonders why Mum’s been searching all these years for her lost red cape. Clutching the key Mum thrust into her hand moments before her capture, Lana embarks on a desperate quest that takes her from The Spirit Groves to the depths of Peruthian Sea. Time is running out to save Mum, when Lana makes a shocking discovery and reveals the truth behind the fairytale.

Kate has an MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University where she won The Porthleven Prize. She is also a highly accomplished journalist, copywriter and TEDx speaker.

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